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Important Notice

Please be aware that it is not advisable to undertake any form of Psychic activity or training if you suffer from or have suffered in the past any:

> Psychological or mental disorder.

> Hallucinations.

> Acute depression.

> Aggravated stress or anxiety.

> If you are of a nervous disposition.

General Disclaimer

The organiser of the event and the Psychic dowser are both experienced in this type of work and provided those participating in the event follow the advice given to them in regard to all aspects of the organised event, then there will be no problems of any kind and it is anticipated that a fruitful and interesting experience will be had by all.

Any knowledge or information passed on as a result of any psychic communication experienced while taking an active part in psychic dowsing anywhere during events where paranormal activity is regularly experienced, is based on the incomplete knowledge given to this Incarnate World by those now in spirit and should any of the advice and instructions given by the organiser or the dowser be ignored then the neither can accept any responsibility for any consequences, (material, spiritual or health), for any decisions or actions that any participant of the organised event may make as as a result of any communications entered into by that participant.

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