Ghost Hunting Tips

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Recommended Equipment

Cameras (Any type, though digital cameras produce the best results)

Video Equipment (Night Vision, 0-lux)

Pens, Pencils, Notepad

Soft Shoes


Watches / Stopwatch

Dictaphones / Audio Tape Recorders

Torches and Batteries

Electro-Magnetic Field Meters

Dowsing Rods / Pendulums

Infrared Cameras

Thermal Scanners

Warm Clothing / Suitable Attire

All Required Refreshments / Medication, etc

Any other suitable / relevant equipment.


Important Notes

Please note, please turn off all mobile phones during an investigation, unless specifically agreed with the team leader.

Please catalogue all events, including sounds, feelings, smells, etc, however apparently insignificant. Note exact locations, feelings and times.

During a possible paranormal incident, investigators are expected to remain calm, observant, objective and still. Please make detailed notes, take photographs and film.

No smoking inside buildings. All rubbish and mess must be cleared and taken away. Please respect all property - No trespassing. You will be held personally responsible for any damage, theft or personal injury.

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