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Pengersick Castle25/05/03 Investigation held at Pengersick Castle (see report).

11/06/03 Investigation at Carn Euny Iron Age settlement (see report)

02/08/03 Investigation held at a private house in Redruth
Carn Euny
13/08/03 Return investigation to Carn Euny

August 03 P.R.O. were approached by Granada TV for their cooperation for a forthcoming programme about problem houses (i.e. in terms of being haunted). It is hoped this will lead to a further project.

05/09/03 Return investigation to Pengersick Castle

15/09/03 (week commencing) Ghost on video, COOP, Penzance.
Thanks to Paul Siddens (member) for this report;
P.R.O. received a copy of a somewhat dubious recording of a supposed ghost at the COOP supermarket, Penzance. We immediately questioned the authenticity of this recording (a second is missing and there are some major misgivings about its authenticity).
Later that week the tape appeared in the Cornishman and Daily Star newspapers and on Channel 5, GMTV, SKY, and Carlton's Westcountry. We were absolutely amazed to see it go this far and contacted all of the above with our considered opinions.
All of these were completely uninterested in any possible factual comments; we can only assume that sensationalism comes above realism. Ian Addicoat was approached by Richard Felix (of Most Haunted and who appeared on the Channel 5 programme, also now an honorary member) to see if P.R.O. would assist him in an investigation of the COOP for Channel 5.
We agreed but as of this moment the COOP have refused to cooperate (for what reason there is no explanation but it does seem a trifle suspicious).

19/09/03 Ian was approached by the Western Morning News for his opinion of the video and they subsequently printed an article, including his professional comments (at last a paper willing to look at it seriously).

17/09/03 Investigation at the Peruvian Arms, Penzance
Geoff Wiltshire
09/10/03 Geoff Wiltshire is regrettably no longer a committee member of P.R.O. We wish to thanks Geoff for his past help with the website and other contributions and wish him every success for the future.
At this stage the committee has decided to continue to operate with the six founding members and we will not be looking to replace Geoff at this stage.
Thank you for those members who expressed a wish to join the committee.
Moore Consultants have kindly taken on website responsibilities and P.R.O. thank them for their time and efforts. Fred Moore also hopes toShip Inn, porthleven carry out some investigations in the Hampshire area. Details will be posted here when they are available.

09/10/03 Investigation at the Ship Inn, Porthleven

16/10/03 The West Briton, Helston prints a full page spread about the investigation at the Ship Inn, Porthleven. Thanks to the West Briton and Beverley Spina for a great article and braving the whole investigation.

21/10/03 Investigation at the Bucket of Blood Pub, Phillack

22/20/03 Investigation at Kenegie Manor

31/10/03 Spotlight TV Programme P.R.O. members Ian Addicoat, Ron Kirby, Clifford Mitchell and Cherie Mitchell all take part in a programme on Spotlight about Pengersick Castle (not linked specifically to P.R.O.).

16/11/03 Confidential investigation Committee members were asked to investigate a secret location in Cornwall, where poltergeist and other supernatural occurrences have occurred. It proved to be a very interesting evening and P.R.O. have been invited back, this time with a full team, to carry out an all night investigation (see below).

18/11/03 Investigation at the Youth Hostel, Penzance (see report)

12/12/03 Return to Secret investigation in Camborne - all-nighter

20/12/03 P.R.O. Christmas party held in Penzance's - haunted pubs

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