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The Paranormal Research Organisation is dedicated to professional and authoritative research into ghosts and other strange and supernatural phenomena.

We carry out investigations at locations and visits to places (often not open to the general public), where unexplained activities have occurred and we attempt to find answers and supporting evidence to either support or oppose a paranormal explanation.

We pride ourselves in our professional approach to investigations, though we also try to make them enjoyable experiences for all.
We also aim to collect and document information for future records and take every step to attempting an explanation.

We are happy for anyone to apply to experience what is usually only open to a select few, namely the unexplained at first hand.

We aim to be objective, unbiased and open minded, without preconceptions or weighted ideas.

We assure confidentiality for members and study locations and will only publish information with prior consent.

Overall, the Paranormal Research Organisation is aimed to be a focus for like-minded individuals with an interest in strange phenomena. We are not mutually exclusive and welcome all prospective members regardless of: sex; religion; ethnic origin; disability; or other personal particular. We also welcome: skeptics, believers and "those in between" equally.

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