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Orbs - What the Hell are They?

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1. The first manifestation of a spirit presence?

2. A speck of dust caught in a digital camera?

Since the introduction of digital cameras, people are increasingly picking up strange light anomalies on their photographs. They also seem to be most frequently captured in "allegedly" haunted locations. Could this be because, when you take a photograph of the execution block at the Tower of London, you notice a strange anomaly and conclude that it must be supernatural? Whereas if you find an orb in a photograph of Granny doing her knitting, it is not quite so exciting and likely to prompt an incredulous reaction?

This may be a salient question. Orbs undoubtedly do appear in haunted locations, during investigation, more than in other places. Part of this is because you are more likely to be photographing in the dark (and an orb will mostly be noticed in a dark background, although they also do appear in day shots). Also haunted locations are often old and therefore more dusty or damp and such things as moisture or dust particles close to the camera lense can explain some orbs. However, our research suggests that not all orbs are purely dust or moisture; indeed they are almost certainly a form of energy.

For example, if you take photographs of electrical cables with a digital camera, you often produce strong lights in the pictures. It appears that such equipment is particularly sensitive. Therefore it is possible that such orbs are pure energy, but is does seem to be an energy that at times can act almost intelligently. That beggars the question what is occurring? As a simple experiment, try taking photographs in neutral locations and "haunted" ones and look for frequencies of orb appearance. You will undoubtedly find prevalence at the latter. Therefore can we assume that orbs are related to ghosts or spirits?

Certainly a proportion of people believe that an orb is the first phase of a manifestation (followed by a vortex of light, mist (ectoplasm?) and eventually an apparition). It is interesting that orbs on videos do move constructively, often against the wind direction and those photographed can often be partially behind an object, thus suggesting that they are not caught on the lens. Some people believe that the orb is the equivalent to a human soul. In other words when you die, you will become an orb of light!

We do know that science dictates that energy cannot be destroyed and the brain functions as a result of electrical pulses coursing through it. Where does this energy go? It is an interesting theory.

Alternatively, the process involved in a spirit manifestation, must produce a large amount of energy. Perhaps orbs are a by-product of this? This may also explain why places often appear cold during a supernatural episode; perhaps the "spirit" uses the heat and converts it into the energy required.

Many mediums seem able to "psychically connect" with these orbs and accurately predict their appearance, often at the exact spot of a past "ghost" sighting. Enlarge orbs on a computer and they do have intricate structures, patterns and sometimes faces! As paranormal researchers we cannot jump to any conclusions and must remain open minded, however it is a fascinating subject. Hopefully, we eventually reach a determined conclusion.

The best ways to capture genuine orbs on film:

1. Go to haunted places.
2. Try to have no external light sources, just the camera flash (though they can appear in daylight).
3. Use a high resolution, high pixel digital camera (though, occasionally you can pick them up on 35mm film).
4. Try to allow for humidity levels and take shots in low humidity 9moisture can give false impressions).
5. As a control, take compare and contrast shots of the same place, as quickly as possible.
6. Take several rapid shots. Often orbs appear to be increasing in size as each shot is taken. Perhaps an energy is building its electrons?
7. Orbs appear to "ground" to an object, particularly people. OVERALL- try not to get too excited, stay rationally minded and look for contributory factors. Orbs are quite common and may yet receive an obvious explanation- but it's nice to hope isn't it!

Orbs and Digital Cameras

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