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What is a Ghost?

A ghost, or apparition is a presence that has no body and cannot be communicated with, it is really a form of photographic record of what has happened in the past and is manifested as a spectral form when the atmospheric conditions are right at the time when it is seen. They often move along a fixed track.

A Place Haunting

Again is similar to that of a ghost, usually associated with places of great trauma such as old battle fields and so on. A place haunting can also be atmosphere created by the negativity of human emotions, e.g. walk into someone's home after a furious argument, it doesn't matter how they try and give the impression that everything is fine - the negativity has already been created and there are not many people that cannot pick the negative atmosphere up.

An Association

This is where a spirit presence or a form of Poltergeist activity can manifest, the association can be one of great happiness, great unhappiness, anxiety at what is happening, anger at what is or has happened. The associations can be with a place, the land that the place is built on, old paintings, furniture, artifacts etc. One classic example was with a Japanese execution sword from the 2nd world war. Once the sword was removed from the house, the haunting ceased.

Poltergeist Activity

This usually manifests itself by physically moving items around. It can be ornaments, books and even furniture. They can open and shut drawers, slam doors etc. It is a very physical phenomena.

Why do spirit presence's come?

Usually people who are in the process of physically dying through old age, terminal illness etc., are being prepared for what lies ahead of them once they pass from this earthly plane of existence and do not usually pay prolonged visits to this earth plane. They will however, pop in and out at intervals,usually to GUARD, GUIDE and PROTECT. Also to try and give comfort in times of stress and unhappiness. They will also try to warn loved ones of impending danger, e.g., Sir Malcolm Campbell reported having his late father in the cockpit of Bluebird with him on two occasions. They will also manifest in order to object to, and express their displeasure at, somewhere they loved on Earth, a home for instance, being altered in a way that displeases them.

Then there are the ones that are taken suddenly, after a fatal accident for instance. They have not been prepared for what awaits them in what we call THE LIGHT and they either will not, or cannot accept the fact that they are physically dead. They cannot understand why, when they put their hands on you, they go straight through, they cannot understand, when they speak to you, it appears that you have not heard them and there is no response.

Sometimes something in the house or grounds could carry it's own energy - this would be an entity or presence trying to make itself felt for some reason, and in order to do so, will often endeavor to create some king of disturbance. Also a person can create an area of negativity and wherever they go it goes with them or influences an area where they spend a considerable amount of time.

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